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2011 named as ‘Year of the Forest’  

Next year has been named as the official United Nations International Year of the Forest. The scheme is aimed to celebrate people’s actions to sustainably manage the world’s forests. The UN General Assembly declared the scheme to raise awareness of sustainable management, conservation and development of all types of forests.

The project will bring together all manner of events taking place during the year to do with forestry, sustainability in forests across the world and how people interact with forests in their daily lives. There will even be an International Forest Film Festival taking place in New York in February 2011, with films on issues such as Living forests, Issues & Solutions, Forest Hero and ‘This is my forest’.

The UN scheme will doubtlessly throw more light on the need for responsible and sustainable forestry methods across the world, and follows on from the year in which the EU finally managed to introduce legislation to outlaw illegally-felled timber.

Emerald Knight already works with two projects which promote the healthy and sustainable cultivation of hardwood forests in different parts of the developing world. For details of our ethical forestry project in Costa Rica, click here, and for information on our exclusive Brazilian Teak forestry investment, click here.

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