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Apple HQ to go green?

Apple HQ to go green?

Last year, the late Steve Jobs revealed plans for Apple’s new ‘Spaceship’ building to be located in Cupertino City, California. The futuristic structure should be completed in 2015 and will house approximately 13,000 employees. It may look like it’s been plucked from the imagination of Philip K Dick, but what was previously the realm of science fiction has now become science fact. It promises to be one of the most technologically advanced offices in the world, being totally self-sufficient for power with the national grid acting only as backup.

Critics and eco groups dug into Apple some years ago due to their lack of green credentials, so their new corporate campus will have state-of-the-art energy efficient technology to control the building’s environment combined with an eco-friendly design and solar paneled roof. The architects responsible are Foster + Partners who have a proven track record with ultra-modern big buildings, they’re behind the beautiful Berlin Reichstag and the impressive Dallas Opera House, so expectations are certainly high.

Of the 150-acre site Apple intends to make nearly 80 percent green landscape by planting an extra 2,300 trees. There will also be a company garden with a wide range of flora and fauna. In addition, a jogging track will wind around the campus for the exercise enthusiasts, an employee car park will be tucked underground, and of course there will be an amphitheater to host Apple’s infamous product launches.

Photo of rendering of planned Apple Headquarters courtesy of stylizeer.com.

Source: Environmental News Network – www.enn.com

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