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Bamboo Forestry Investment

Bamboo Forestry Investment

Bamboo Forestry Investments

Increased demand for timber from developing countries like India and China influence the price of timber which currently has a global trade value in excess of $600bn per year.

Whilst demand for timber continues to increase the natural supply is decreasing. Deforestation effects the environment and high prices for timber has led to an increase in illegal logging.

Bamboo has a number of green credentials; it absorbs carbon from the atmosphere, which means that when grown sustainably, it can offer one of the most cost effective ways of limiting climate change. It is incredibly fast growing and has some exceptional qualities such as a higher tensile strength than steel yet able to be used in ultra-soft clothing. Bamboo has many uses; it can be used as a substitute traditional timber in virtually any product at a lower cost.

Bamboo is the fastest growing land plant on Earth and can reach its full height in just one year as opposed to the 20 years taken for traditional timber. As a result, bamboo can create 20 times more timber per hectare than other hard or softwoods.

Sustainable timber in all its forms represents arguably one of the most secure investments available and bamboo is perhaps the most exciting of any timber investment.

Emerald Knight are proud to introduce another exclusive investment opportunity.

Investment Highlights: 

  • Forecast returns of 293%
  • Exclusive investment opportunity, unique and the most credible in the industry.
  • High rates of carbon sequestration during growth.
  • Bamboo used for increasingly sophisticated products across the world.
  • Investment from $27,500.
  • Returns forecast at an average 26 per cent per year over 15 years.
  • Proven returns as initial investors have received their first payments on time and as contracted.


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