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Ban on illegal logging good all round  

Sometimes, one wonders why it takes so long for some decisions to be reached… It appears that the EU is finally set to outlaw illegal timber in 2012, following two years of protracted and interminable legal arguments.

The fact that it has taken so long to come to this decision and finally get things moving says plenty about the way the EU works in itself, but also how widespread and complicated the problem is. While the European Parliament has never been famed for the swiftness of its decision-making process, the fact that an estimated 40 per cent of the timber sold in the world is illegally sourced shows how much has been riding on the negotiations.

Part of the problem with coming to a deal like this is deciding who is penalised for the illegal timber trade. After two years of talks and legal arguments, a compromise has been reached which will make companies responsible for tracing where the timber they buy has been harvested. The proposals, which are due to go to the vote in the coming weeks, set out the responsibilities all along the supply chain, as well as the requirements for risk assessments and due diligence on the provenance of the timber traded.

This is, of course, great news in many different ways. Not only will it hopefully help to stop the illegal and needless deforestation of huge swathes of tropical hardwood rainforest, but it will stop the profits from the black market in hardwood falling into the hands of criminal gangs across the world.

In addition, it means that those who invest in responsible, certified and traceable timber are in a perfect position. If the figure of 40 per cent of the world’s timber trade coming from illegal sources is to be believed, there will be a huge need for certified timber to fill the gap. This will mean not only that the price of the timber itself will rise, but the value of timber-producing land will also rise steeply. For details of our timber investments, click here.

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Comments (9)

sameerbabu on 20th August 2010

very good

miky on 21st August 2010

When people cannot be trusted to honor and take care of the forests and their contents then we have no alternative but to enforce them.

StanB on 13th September 2010

Why did the EU take so long in taking care of something which is obviously going to have a more than decent affect?

Mrs.E.Stokes on 14th September 2010

Having always been involved in the property sector. It’s a breath of fresh air to be involved in a completely different area. I have really enjoyed hearing all about the green and ethical projects hosted by Emerald Knight and look forward to the furture developments sourrounding them.

David Johnson on 14th September 2010

Mrs Stokes do you think Emerald Knights forestry investment in your experience is good. It appears to suit all my requirements and seems secure?

Cyrill, Switzerland on 14th September 2010

“Investing in trees I found a very interesting alternative given the disappointing recent performance of the financial markets. Having looked at some of the plantations of Ethical Forestry in Costa Rica, I have been duly impressed by the art and skillset applied of managing those plantations and identifying trees which grow truly fast.”

Cyrill, Switzerland

Mrs.E.Stokes on 16th September 2010

re: Mr. Johnson
I must say, This is the first transaction that I have made with Emerald Knight. All my questions were dealt with quickly and efficiently. I was very impressed with the information that they provided me with, even on some quite sensitive financial areas of the project. I will certainly be reccomending the products to my friends.

Julian Frank on 17th September 2010

My previous investments were in property, but due to this economic down-turn they seem to have taken a turn for the worst. Due to some careful research, consideration and a point in the right direction by a friend my portfolio has turned a green. Your Timber investment ticked all the right box’s. Thanks

Dr Wells on 27th September 2010

I agree Stan, it certainly seems to have an amazing affect.