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Agricultural Land Investment in Ukraine – Projected returns in excess of 400% over five years!

Investment Opportunity – Entry Level $5,350

BBC NEWSNIGHT Jeremy Cook on Farm Land Investment in the Ukraine

Jeremy Cooke explains how derelict farmland is being transformed

Other Videos on Farmland Investment in The Ukraine

Ukranian black soil tilled for private investment – World Focus

Ukraine — known as the breadbasket of Europe — presents challenges and opportunities for both foreign investor as well as the the country itself.

Watch the video

Invest in a Lifetime of Demand

Emerald Knight together with Aston Lloyd PLC and Euro Farms can now announce a new investment providing clients with the opportunity to reap rewards from agricultural land in the “bread basket” of Europe: Ukraine.

For more information and to download our research reports and e-brochures visit the Ukraine Land Investment Media Page.

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