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Carbon Credit Investment and Offsetting

Carbon Credit Investment and Offsetting

What is a Carbon Offset?

A carbon offset is a reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases made in order to counteract or offset an emission made elsewhere. Offsets are typically achieved through the financial support of projects which aim to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Carbon Markets have been set up to allow primarily companies and governments to buy carbon credits in order to comply with caps on the amount of carbon dioxide they are allowed to emit under terms of the Kyoto Protocol and the EU Emission Trading Scheme.

What is a Carbon Credit?

A carbon credit is a certificate showing that a government or company has paid to have a certain amount of carbon dioxide removed from the environment. These certificates are measured in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide  and can be traded for money. There are two categories of carbon credits: voluntary emission reductions (VERs) and certified emission reductions (CERs).

Carbon offsetting schemes

Studies show that the effect of converting fossil fuels into energy is the creation of  carbon dioxide which is a contributing factor to climate change.

Green Projects are being set up that aim to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and payments into these schemes can be used to offset carbon emissions.

Without doubt one of the most successful examples of SRI and alternative investment has been the growth in carbon offsetting.

Carbon offsetting projects are designed to reduce or remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere. The company involved will package CO2 emission reduction units into credit bundles that can be purchased as carbon credits.

Customers who invested in Emerald Knight’s first Carbon Credit Investment project in June 2010 only had to wait four months to receive their capital plus 30% back – not only outperforming their promised returns to investors, but doing so in a timeframe which was far shorter than predicted. A second Carbon Investment was released only one month after the initial first batch, and understandably attracted more interest than the first batch. Like the first tranche, these credits paid out 8 months early with investors receiving their 30 per cent profits on top of the original deposit.

Since this a third and fourth batch of carbon investments has been released, once again to a hugely positive reaction from novice and experienced investors alike.

The majority of investors taking advantage of the first Carbon Offset project from Emerald Knight were new customers, and due to the success of the project, they felt extremely comfortable with the carbon credit investment offered by Emerald Knight.


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