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Carbon investment exceeds expectations again

Hot on the heels of the first tranche of investors in Emerald Knight’s voluntary carbon credits receiving their investment returns some eight months ahead of schedule, it has been confirmed that the next group of investors will also be getting their 30 per cent fixed return on investment next month – again a full eight months ahead of the fixed term of the agreement. Those who bought carbon credits in July this year will receive their fixed return on 1st November.

Amid the current uncertainty over the state of the economy and whether traditional investment vehicles will suffer a so-called double-dip recession, the performance of these Emerald Knight voluntary carbon credits offers a ray of sunshine on the investment horizon.

The fact is of course not lost on our investors, who have been getting in touch with us to let us know how pleased they are not only with the investment projects, but also the service they have received from our staff. Below is a selection of just a few of the emails we have received in the past weeks:

“I can only say how delighted I am the way the investment has matured in such a short period of time and the 30% interest paid in today’s climate is unbelievable, This is not the only investment I have with Emerald Knight and I don’t think it will be my last, and anyone thinking of investing with them I can only recommend as I am highly impressed with the way the company operates and communicates with there clients.” Alan C, Jarrow, England

“Scepticism can be a barrier, quite often a healthy one, one which prevents us getting involved with perceived investment opportunities which seem too good to be true. I must admit, with the Bank of England base rate hovering around the zero mark for so long, reading Emerald Knight’s Carbon Offset Investment advertising a fixed return of 30% within 12 months I was very interested but my alarm bells were ringing.

Happily my sceptisism was totally dispelled due to the professionalism and honesty displayed by Emerald Knight and their team. This was an opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a concept engineered and driven by Industry RE, a socially responsible investment with excellent returns. That’s not to say there haven’t been small hiccups along the way but as an investor I was exceedingly impressed with the honesty and utter transparency of the whole process. Communications were daily at times and even to the level of frequent exchanges of dialogue with Industry RE’s managing director Ian Hamilton. I was astounded when Ian announced that returns on investment would be realised so rapidly.

I can say without reservation that I have total confidence re-investing in the Carbon Offset Investment, I applaud Industry RE for their concept, I can only see it going from strength to strength and am pleased to be involved. Thanks also to Emerald Knight for their comprehensive due diligence and excellent customer service.” Adrian K, Devon, England

“Last year I sought alternative investment products as a result of uncertain markets. I was particularly interested in ethical green investments supporting communities. Thankfully I found Emerald Knight and am so grateful I did. Thanks to James Howard and his expertise I invested in 3 projects, 1 of which I made 2 investments. How thrilled I was to receive a 30% return within 4 months and another 30% return due in November after only 3 months! Needless to say I have in invested in the second release of the carbon credit project. James keeps me updated regularly on the progress of the investments and offers great knowledge on the projects, I had no hesitation referring his services to others. I have every confidence in Emerald Knight and their projects, protecting our environment and our investments.” Karen C, South Shields, England

“I invested in 1200 Carbon Credit Units in June 2010, after building a profile on my investment preferences through discussions with Mark at Emerald Knight.  Mark has not only made understand how the investment worked, but has kept in regular contact every step of the way, with updates on the carbon market performance.  This is my first investment in the ethical market, and whilst I do have a number of other investments, this opportunity has been a completely positive hands-off experience, having received the returns from my matured Carbon Units in October 2010.  This brings a refreshing change from the conventional investment products out there.” Ilesh C, London, England

With returns paid so swiftly and reliably, it is little wonder that this kind of investment sell out so quickly. To discuss the voluntary carbon credit investment with one of our advisers, please visit our project page.

This is just a small selection of the testimonials we have received from happy investors, to read a sample of them, please click here.

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Comments (2)

Martin King on 25th October 2010

I am delighted with my return and the work of Martin le Sage at Emerald Knight and Industry RE. Friends and colleagues still do not understand the opportunity these investments represent. Maybe they are happy with their 2.5% cash ISAs!

Norman Jeynes on 27th October 2010

Seeking alternative investment opportunities in todays uncertain markets Emerald Knight came up ‘trumps’ with their Carbon Credit Project. Although, I entered into the project with some scepticism, (30% return within 12 months, seemed too good to be true), the full investment return was received 8 months ahead of schedule, unbelieveable in today’s financial climate.
I would like to congratulate Emerald Knight, especially James, who’s regular communications, up-dates and support throughout were exemplary.
I will have no hesitation investing in future projects, well done Emerald Knight for protecting our environment and investments .