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US Carbon Market

US Carbon Market

”Analysts expect the volume of carbon trading in the US to double this year in line with the emergence of a new Californian market” Thomson Reuters.


Gain access and benefit from the most eagerly awaited Carbon market in the world.


We believe the Californian carbon market will soon become the leading and standard-bearing carbon market in the world. Qualifying carbon assets in the Californian cap-and-trade scheme will benefit from a $10 auction price from 2013.


  • Access to Climate Reserve Tonnes (CRTs)
  • One of the only ‘voluntary’ offsets that could also become a ‘compliant’ offset
  • Low cost entry into the most anticipated and most recent carbon market in the world
  • CRTs currently being purchased by Google, Adidas, Ford and many more corporates
  • Potential to benefit from a $10 floor auction price – if protocol types are accepted into the cap-and-trade scheme
  • 3 Potentail exit strategies
  • Anticipated 40%+ returns*
  • Short-medium term opportunity

* In line with current floor price if the CRT offsets are accepted by the ARB to be used as CCO-compliant offsets