Due Diligence

Full due diligence is carried out on all recommended land, farming, forestry and other socially responsible investment projects in whichever way is deemed appropriate.

This may include extensive research and analysis, market comparisons and onsite inspections, and ensures all projects presented to investors have undergone a robust selection process.

A thorough assessment is made both on the investment project as well as on the management company who will be responsible for the localised day to day management of the project..

Due diligence in this area can include site inspections of both current projects in progress and previous work completed.

Keeping Investments Sustainable and Secure

At Emerald Knight we only recommend secure environmentally friendly investment opportunities that have passed our rigorous due diligence procedures and moreover, have the potential to provide investors with a higher than average return on their investment.

The two main aspects of due diligence is the investment as a viable proposal and secondly the reputation and track record of the investment company.

Our aim is to ease the headache and do the research on behalf of our clients, with a view to offering them what they want, a solid, safe and secure investment with a clear exit strategy.

Our Selection Process

The first step of finding the right investment is to locate the right country, there are various factors that need to be considered in order make sure the country has a positive outlook and these include

  • Strong Economic Outlook
  • Stable Trade Agreements
  • Straight Forward Purchase Process
  • No Foreign Ownership Restrictions
  • Large Capital Appreciation
  • High Demands / Yields
  • Taxes and Closing Costs

When we have established the above we will then identify the best location, again the demand, infrastructure, accessibility factors are all of major importance. We will also consider the timing as this is a major factor in your long term profits, we do not want to be too early, but its also important that we are not too late.

Our Awards