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Emerald Knight investors make profit early on 1st October

For those people thinking of investing in alternative investment projects, the ability to see the process of investment and return in action is invaluable. As the first tranche of Emerald Knight carbon offset investments came to maturity on 1st October, future investors are able to see that process in action.

Confirmation has been received in the past week that the initial investors in this fixed-term project are to receive their full investment amount returned to them, along with the 30 per cent fixed return offered by the project. This is a full eight months ahead of the predicted 12-month fixed terms for the investment, so those investors who joined the scheme in June have seen their returns delivered already.

In many ways this is something that should not create news in the normal run of things, however in today’s world we have grown accustomed to cynicism and suspicion when it comes to advertising, and to find an investment that sticks to its promises is genuinely valuable.

Emerald Knight Portfolio Manager Rob Hague commented: “We have always been fully confident in the credentials of our carbon offset investment model, but it is always gratifying to see clients getting cheques sent to them. With platinum-standard carbon credits available to us at a discounted rate and the project fully accredited and certified this is a fixed investment opportunity that makes perfect sense to those looking for a defined exit for their money. We fully expect many of the original investors to re-invest in the next tranche of available credits.”

Add to this the fact that many of the world’s developed economies are only just struggling to emerge from recession, and the fact that this kind of global investment model is performing to its original target offers investors the reassurance they need in an uncertain market.

Emerald Knight put the success of the carbon offset investment down to individuals demand for voluntary carbon reduction through avenues like mytreefrog.com, combined with the government requirement for businesses to participate in Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme, and therefore investing in carbon credits in order to balance their energy usage using industrycarbon.com. Together, these two factors have contributed to making investment in our carbon credits a very successful prospect – now and in the future!

The latest allocation of voluntary carbon credits have just been released – for more details on our carbon offset investment, click here.

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