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Emerald Knight Makes Ethical Investing in Environmental & Social Causes Easier

Emerald Knight Makes Ethical Investing in Environmental & Social Causes Easier

With food supplies and energy resources dwindling across the globe, individuals and corporations are expanding their financial portfolios and putting their money into socially responsible investments—projects and companies that reflect their values while increasing their bottom line.

A proven lucrative and viable investment strategy, Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) often produces more stable profits over a long period of time than trading on the stock market. Industries like alternative energy, reforestation and sustainable agriculture are being seen as valued commodities—both now and for future generations. Socially Responsible Investing isn’t a fad; demand for sustainable investment products, like grain and timber, is constant, while supply remains low—a winning combination for investors seeking long-term gains.

Emerald Knight is aware of the growing interest in Socially Responsible Investing and the difficulty involved in figuring out what makes a smart sustainable investment. To narrow down options, Emerald Knight has researched and analyzed numerous projects around the world, choosing only the ones deemed ethical, ecological and profitable.

Emerald Knight’s ethical forestry project offers private investors the opportunity to purchase individual plots of land, filled with timber-producing trees which could result in a net return of £732,297 over a 22-year period with an initial investment of just £18,000.  Investors are offered high long-term returns with regular cash payments, and the opportunity to contribute to environmental and community initiatives, like better air quality, tree restoration and the creation of jobs in the area.

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