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Emerald Knight works with the International Green Awards 2011

The world of investments has changed almost beyond recognition over the past two years. The emergence of ethical and socially responsible investments (SRI) as a mainstream investment class demonstrates that fact perfectly and also demonstrates why Emerald Knight’s involvement in the Green Awards 2011 makes perfect sense.

Gone are the days when certain asset classes could be relied upon to deliver a return in virtually any circumstances. At the same time, investment opportunities and investor types which were previously seen as peripheral are now being brought to the fore as a new dawn of investment begins. One of the most significant of these is the emergence of SRI. Previously seen as something of a sideline offered as a way to ‘tick the box’ in a range of investments, investors are now demanding to know the ethical credential of the products they are using, which in turn is putting pressure on investment companies to come up with better and wider ethical and socially responsible options for their clients.

These products can be defined as anything from a bank account which promises not to use investor funds in order to invest in certain classes of product at a corporate level, to clients buying directly into projects which have a proven ethical, environmental or socially responsible element.

“One of the most significant developments we have seen in the past 12 months is the growth of so-called ‘ordinary’ investors who are attracted to socially-responsible products,” says Robert Hague, Sales Director at specialist SRI provider Emerald Knight. “People who may previously have invested in property or dabbled in the stock markets are looking for something different, and increasingly find that SRI fits their requirements from both an investment and an ethical point of view.

“This is why the Green Awards fits perfectly with our company. When researching our investment projects we are constantly seeking the very best in the SRI field, in exactly the same way the Green Awards celebrates the most impressive and innovative progress in corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and best practice.”

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