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Environmentalists fear increased Amazon deforestation

Brazil’s lower house has passed legislation that would loosen restrictions on how small farmers use their land in the Amazon forest, but lawmakers dropped a change that most worried environmentalists.

Environmentalists still fear the revision bill would bring increased deforestation. Operators of small-scale farms and ranches defend the measure as a way to let them produce to full capacity and boost Brazil’s food output.

The measure, which had been debated off and on in the House of Deputies for nearly two years, easily passed by 410 votes to 63, but is expected to face a tougher fight when it goes before the Senate.

The bill would let farmers and ranchers with small holdings work land closer to river banks and to use hilltops.

This highlights the importance of projects intended to create and protect areas of forestry in the region. To find out more about how Emerald Knight is contributing, click here

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Comments (2)

tony durbin on 8th June 2011

I suggest you forward your concerns to Greg Barker our local Bexhill and District MP and UK Gov. Minister for the Environment and Climate Change – mentioning my name and that of Sandy Dawson. GB is very concerned about deforestation;whilst appreciating my concern that this damages the environment to a greater extent that aviation emissions.
Regards TD

James keane on 13th June 2011

This seems to be a crazy commercailly motivated decision and will not help our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmophere. Clearly there needs to be more incentives given to land owners in the Amazon Basin and other developing countries to plant more trees and keep the carbon emissions in check.

If the world leaders like the USA, China, Europe, dont wake up to this crisis soon, it may be too late for the Planet.

Is there a lobby group out there that highlights these issues on the world stage ? Media Moguls should be enlisted to spread the message and of course be offered incentives to come on board .Climate change is effecting everyone and is the single biggest issue confronting us.

Regards……………………………….James keane.