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Ethical Forestry

Ethical Forestry

Ethical Forestry

World consumption of tropical timber has multiplied nearly 25 times in just 4 decades to more than 100 billion board feet per annum

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Our world is changing fast. Swaths of natural forest continue to be harvested at an alarming pace to feed a global wood-processing industry. Developing countries such as China, and their insatiable appetite for wood, are fuelling the demand for timber, which is driving illegal timber operations in parts of Indonesia, Burma and Siberia, all with devastating effect.

Add this new demand for timber alongside the existing, historical global timber requirements, and it is easy to understand why the rainforests are being felled at the rate of 13 million hectares per annum – that’s a football pitch every second.

Emerald Knight know that investing for profit and having a clear conscience are important factors for today’s environmentally aware investor.

This is why our investments are specifically selected to offer a substantial return and help to reduce the demands on the global timber trade.

When you invest, the plantations that you create withdraw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, producing oxygen that benefits us all. And naturally, within these new forests, wildlife returns and flourishes, helping to ensure the existence of the beautiful wildlife that can be so easily lost.

Key points:

  • Range of investment options to suit all circumstances
  • Gross returns could be as high as £842,364 over 24 years (with an investment of £18,000)
  • Earn substantial returns while helping to reduce illegal timber trade
  • Short-term and accumulating models tailored to your investment needs
  • Regular payouts from your investment
  • Fully managed investment from seedling to saleable timber
  • Land allocated exclusively to you with full cropping rights
  • Annual forester’s report
  • Options to cash in early
  • SIPP-approved

Green legacy

By planting new forests for harvesting, you are helping to relieve the strain on the existing forests by offering alternative timber sources.

The forests that you help create will take in vast quantities of carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis and convert it into clean, breathable air, helping to reduce the CO2 within our atmosphere.

These new, undisturbed habitats offer the perfect environment to encourage animals and insects to return, creating a diverse range of wildlife to flourish.

Once your investments have matured and all the trees have been harvested, the land will be replanted with native species trees and gifted to an ecological easement trust, forever protecting the trees from commercial harvesting.

Investment security

We have endeavoured to make your investment as secure as possible by:

• Giving you full cropping rights to your trees – a legal entity in Costa Rica.

• Sending you full title to your trees with GPS coordinates and plantation locations.

• Using our wealth of experience in plantation and forestry management.

• Utilising Costa Rica’s Privacy and Forestry Laws which allow you to own a crop independent of the land on which it is planted, although you also will have a property lease on the land.

• Employing resident foresters to monitor and protect your trees.

• Using very conservative independent figures in our projections to ensure we meet your expectations.

• Ensuring trees are only assigned once they are 6 months old. This reduces any risk of trees being lost during field planting.

• Having our growth rates certified by a MINAET (Ministry of Environment, Energy & Telecommunications) registered forestry consultant.

• Our guarantee to replace any trees that die, for whatever reason, during the first 3 years of planting.

An investment that you can see growing

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