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Formula One races to carbon reduction

  • 1st July 2010
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As the popularity of Emerald Knight’s new carbon credit investment is proving, the issue of reducing carbon footprints is one which is becoming increasingly important in all areas. The governing body of Formula One motor racing has claimed it is the first sport in the world to have a comprehensive and externally-audited programme to cut its carbon emissions.

While it could never be considered to be environmentally-friendly as a sport, the notoriously fuel-thirsty world of Formula One has unveiled plans to cut the emissions produced by the sport by 15 per cent within three years. The Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) is releasing an analysis showing that they are on target to achieve their aims on time.

Speaking to the BBC website, Dr. Richard Mattison, COO of carbon auditing firm Trucost, said: “We’ve been able to analyse all drivers of carbon emissions, from logistics right down to the engines themselves. There’s a lot of data in teams – more so than in most businesses – and we were able to analyse it and see how and where they were going to make reductions.”

The drive to achieve extra efficiencies across all aspects of the sport is indicative not only of how seriously the F1 authorities see the issue of climate change and reducing their carbon output, but also of their desire to see the technologies which will arise from making the cars themselves more fuel efficient trickle down into the manufacture of the cars we are able to buy from the showroom.

As the world wakes up to the realities of climate change and the varied ways of reducing output, investment in carbon trading schemes makes even more sense. Given the enthusiasm of investors for Emerald Knight’s Platinum-standard carbon credits, you’ll be in a race just to get hold of some.

For more information on carbon credits, see our project page

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