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Social Responsible & Sustrainable Investment

Emerald Knight

Emerald Knight is uniquely positioned to take advantage of global economic trends. By offering our clients opportunities in growth markets we have created a safe haven for money in a time when many traditional investment vehicles are showing poor returns and the increase in value of residential property cannot be relied upon.

Socially Responsible

Investors, who wish to align their principles with profit by investing in ethically-minded products, are often perceived as a periphery group. However in recent years SRI – Socially Responsible Investing – has blossomed into an extremely viable and lucrative investment strategy.

At Emerald Knight we only recommend projects with humanitarian, bio diversity and environmental benefits. Tackling issues such as climate change, poverty in the developing world and renewable energy, Emerald Knight demonstrate that helping the planet and making money can go hand in hand.

Our objective is to create a diversified investment portfolio that generates strong returns on invested capital whilst delivering meaningful and measurable environmental benefits.

Transparent Investment Strategies

High net worth individuals, small business owners and private individuals utilise our transparent socially responsible and eco-friendly investment strategies by investing in a core selection of simple, easy-to-understand green investment products.

Emerald Knight has amassed a formidable knowledge base on a range of socially responsible investment opportunities from our network of established professionals, including in-depth information and transparent due diligence research into various markets which we believe offer a better than average upside potential and a downside that can be justified.

Helping Clients To Achieve Their Financial Goals

As a leader in sustainable and responsible investing, Emerald Knight recognises that investors want choice in how they meet their financial goals and their impact on corporate responsibility and sustainability practices.

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