Greens for Greenery – Making Ethical Alternative Investments

bamboo alternative investmentsAmidst the wonders of today’s technologies, the Earth is suffering from man’s destructive actions. Every new development seems to be accompanied by an equivalent expenditure of natural resources, or a corresponding generation of polluting byproducts. It’s a vicious downward spiral into self ruin that companies must realize before it’s all too late.

Corporations that feel like they should take responsibility for their actions against nature could contribute to greener efforts. The companies don’t even need to be engaged in actual activities  such as trash disposal campaigns, recycling garbage, and the like. All the organization needs to do is to allocate funds into ethical alternative investments that are aimed at conservation efforts.

In a financial sense, funding ethical ventures such as an investment for bamboo is like investing in hedge funds in that they have high returns. But unlike regular hedge funds, the returns are in the form of ecological efforts, such as replanting bamboo in deforested areas, instead of monetary gains. Such funds are not cash-transferable; but the ethical statement they make is strong.

There’s more to signing up for these investments than just saving the earth by funding ecological initiatives. Companies seen funding ethical investments will garner public approval (especially with their stockholders) and perhaps even win over new customers who wish to associate themselves with green companies and activities. In addition, investing in green projects can offset the waste or resource consumption of a company’s manufacturing operations.

Researching investment firms should be part of any investors due diligence process. Consideration should be given to firms that host a wide range of ecological efforts and provide facilities to keep track of the investment’s development such as Emerald Knight.

The earth has always provided for man’s every need, and is, by far, the only source that mankind can count on. However, man has yet to completely pay nature back his debt. Ethical investments may be a small step in revitalizing the planet, but they are a step in the right direction. Corporations can’t just sit on the sidelines when it comes to the environment.  They need to take responsibility in looking after the planet; and ethical investments are the way to go.

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