Growing Greens: Making an Investment in Forestry

forestryTrees are among the most important organisms on the planet due to their vital role in supporting the ecosystem. They provide shade, sustenance, and usable material for a number of different life forms (including humans), and they even help process carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen. Unfortunately, about 13 million hectares of woodland are cut down each year for wood products, or merely to clear the land for development.

Without trees, entire ecosystems can fail, with many animals losing their homes and sources of sustenance. At the same time, the rise of CO2 will go unmitigated, increasing the risks of global warming. In short, humanity and the entire planet will suffer greatly without trees. To do your part in averting this, you can access forestry projects, courtesy of a company like Emerald Knight.

It’s easy to say that the deforestation crisis can be averted if everybody were to plant trees. However, it is not that simple to source the right saplings and muster enough manpower to tend to the trees, not to mention the cost required to protect the land from greedy individuals. A lot of money will be needed in order to plant a lot of trees; and money doesn’t grow on trees!

By making a green ethical investment in forestry, investors can be assured that their financial support goes towards planting and caring for a good number of trees in a designated and protected location. Various types of trees are usually considered for the projects; but the most popular choices are teak and bamboo due to the fast rate at which they mature. The projects are usually set up in areas that are in dire need of reforestation, such as recently logged areas.

Investments in trees will earn carbon credits for the company responsible for the project. These carbon credits represent the amount of greenhouse gas their owner is allowed to emit in the course of business operations, with one credit corresponding to one tonne of carbon dioxide. Carbon credits can be sold and traded among companies that need to pay for the waste gases they emit.

One can’t stress enough how important trees are to the planet. However, despite this understanding, mankind continues to fell large amounts of timber for profit. Responsible citizens of the world can do their part and invest in forestry efforts to mitigate the deleterious impact of deforestation.

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