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Latest News on the Princess Project from Silva Tree
administrator | 01 October, 2009 20:35

Princess Project site cleared

Updated on Monday 14th of September 2009

Silva Tree staff

The plot of land purchased for the first phase of the Silva Tree Princess Project in Panama has been cleared and cleaned in preparation for planting of the seedlings. Staff have been contracted from the local population for both the clearing and the planting of the land and are standing by for the arrival of the Paulownia seedlings.


The project site has been used as cattle grazing land for many years and, as such, contained little visible plant life, limited to just brush, grass and small bushes. Strong weeds, bushes and grasses can create competition for young seedlings, however, so the land had to carefully cleared and prepared for planting.


Care has been taken to ensure that any native trees or important plants in terms of animal migration, bio diversity or protected species, have been left to stand. Similarly, a patch of trees by the stream that flows through the land has been left to maintain its banks and water quality.


To see latest images of the cleared land, please go to our new online photo diary at

New Photo Diary Feature

Updated on Monday 28th of September 2009

Silva Tree staff

Silva Tree believe in involving everyone in our projects’ progress. We want you to be able to see exactly what we are doing and when. Since the project is in a fairly remote location and the ability for our customers and supporters to visit it is limited, we decided to bring the project to life via our website.


You can now track the progress of the Princess project online via our photo diary. This feature contains images and captions of what is happening to the project and is updated at every significant development, from community projects to planting and watering.


A link to the photo diary can be found on the Silva Tree home page: or use the following url to view the photo diary now:


We hope you enjoy this new feature, please let us know if you have any suggestions on how to further involve you in the Princess project progress.


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