Emerald Knight - Specialising in Socially Responsible & Sustainable Investments

Find out more about investment opportunities that are socially responsible & sustainable. Our featured brochures include our "Guide to Socially Responsible Investments" along with info on:

Agricultural land investment in the Ukraine
SIPP Approved
Projected 241% ROI
Annual income stream
Receive 30% of the net profits
Full due diligence and certificate of land entitlement

Timber investment in Panama– our Princess project
Low entry investment of 30,000 USD
Guaranteed returns of 16.8% PA
SIPP Approved
Tax Advantages
CO2 Climate change mitigation
Timber buyer in place with bonded guarantee

About Emerald Knight

Emerald Knight is uniquely positioned to take advantage of global economic trends. By offering our clients opportunities in growth markets we have created a “safe haven” for money in a time when many traditional investment vehicles are showing poor returns and the increase in value of residential property cannot be relied upon.

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