Guide to Socially
Responsible Investments

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Socially Responsible Investment Opportunities from Emerald Knight .

Our Projects.

Due to our total independence, we are able to be 100% up front and transparent.

At Emerald Knight we are not tied to any particular investment group or country. We will never bombard our clients
with 100´s of projects and label them all good investments.

Our Selection Process

The first step of finding the right investment is to locate the right country, there are various factors that need to be
considered in order make sure the country has a positive outlook and these include

  1. Strong Economic Outlook
  2. Stable Trade Agreements
  3. Straight Forward Purchase Process
  4. No Foreign Ownership Restrictions
  5. Large Capital Appreciation
  6. High Demands / Yields
  7. Taxes and Closing Costs

When we have established the above we will then identify the best location, again the demand, infrastructure, accessibility factors are all of major importance, we will also consider the timing as this is a major factor in your long term profits, we do not want to be too early, but its also important that we are not too late.


Agricultural Land Ukraine

The Ukraine boasts 40% of the worlds “Black Soil” which is the most fertile earth for growing crops in the world. Known as the “Breadbasket of Europe”, the Ukraine has the potential for substantial growth with continued, incisive FDI (Foreign Direct Investment).


Sustainable Forestry

In the current property and financial climate, sustainable forestry projects offer a low-risk investment opportunity with additional environmental benefits. The Princess project from Silva Tree is the only timber investment to offer guaranteed returns payable in just 5 years..

Jatropha – Green Biodiesel

This project will be about investing in Jatropha trees for the production of ‘green oil’. Widespread interest among alternative energy corporations is leading to large-scale production across the globe. This new green investment opportunity will be released early this year.

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