Making Greens: On Socially Responsible Investment Venture

A July 10, 2013 article republished on the website spoke highly of socially responsible investments (SRI). The term has evolved from mere avoidance of morally questionable investments-like firearms, tobacco, and liquor-toward active involvement in so-called green industries such as organic food production, renewable energy, sustainable farming, and so on. The article goes on about the lucrative potential of such ventures, and how socially responsible investors not only create goodwill, but also enjoy substantial returns on their investments. 

The first few ventures into socially responsible investments were small efforts that were largely overshadowed by more profitable ventures. However, current trends suggest that SRIs are getting more popular and bankable. The article heavily underlines the dual benefits of socially responsible investments that generate profit, help save the environment, and benefit society. Socially responsible investment opportunities from trusted firms like Emerald Knight typically market to interested investors, especially parties with altruistic outlooks.

all of a sudden these socially responsible-funds-are-going-gangbusters

The report mentions the interesting fact that for every nine dollars invested in America, a dollar is dedicated to “sustainable and responsible investing”. In the United States, socially responsible investing is a staggeringly huge $3.75 trillion industry, which only serves to prove its profitability. The rest of the world has yet to follow suit, but analysts predict that SRI may be the next big thing in the coming years.

The benefits of diverting investment capital toward causes such as wood biomass production and reforestation efforts go beyond mere profit. For instance, those who actively invest in such initiatives significantly enhance their investment portfolio. Likewise, companies with impressive SRI portfolios can boost their public image, thereby placing themselves in a good light before their clients and shareholders. As the article says, socially responsible investors are reaping “good karma” in terms of spectacular portfolio growth in recent years.

Being socially responsible in investing can be quite challenging, however, since SRIs are a relatively new and small movement. In addition, it can be tough to identify and locate potentially lucrative SRI opportunities in different parts of the world. As such, would-be investors may want to seek the help of consultants like Emerald Knight who can hook them up with feasible investment products.

With issues like climate change and the rapid depletion of natural resources confronting all of humanity, it only makes sense to support sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical, and socially responsible ventures. The best part is that socially responsible investments are rewarding on so many levels. By choosing SRI projects wisely, investors can look forward to considerable returns and be able to help out the world in their own little way.

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