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Site visit report: EcoHouse Brazil


Please note this site report is NOT to be construed as investment advice, it is based on the observations of individuals who visited the site. On the 20th April, two directors from Emerald Knight Head Office and the Sales Manager from our London Office were invited to visit the developments, staff and ultimately the President …

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Growing Greens: Making an Investment in Forestry

Trees are among the most important organisms on the planet due to their vital role in supporting the ecosystem. They provide shade, sustenance, and usable material for a number of different life forms (including humans), and they even help process carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen. Unfortunately, about 13 million hectares of woodland are cut down …

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Greens for Greenery – Making Ethical Alternative Investments

Amidst the wonders of today’s technologies, the Earth is suffering from man’s destructive actions. Every new development seems to be accompanied by an equivalent expenditure of natural resources, or a corresponding generation of polluting byproducts. It’s a vicious downward spiral into self ruin that companies must realize before it’s all too late. Corporations that feel …

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Going Green: Reducing Emissions through Carbon Credits

As a number of leading industrialized nations experience economic slowdowns, more people look into making alternative investments. At the same time, the need for ecological protection has made investors wary of putting their money into companies that are not committed to environmental protection—specifically, reducing their carbon emissions. Hence, a notable buzz word (or phrase) in …

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