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Ocean rower spreading pollution message

While it might not be the way in which she hoped to bring attention to the causes she is championing, ocean rower Roz Savage has been in the spotlight in the past couple of weeks as her efforts to start the latest leg of her epic adventure and raise awareness of the problem of marine pollution have been thwarted by mechanical and equipment issues.

The latest part of her journey around the world under her own steam is set to take her from Freemantle in Australia across the Indian Ocean to Mumbai in India, but progress has been interrupted by a leak to an on-board locker housing the water machine used to make sea water suitable for human consumption. The water machine was flooded with sea water, causing internal parts to start rusting and prompting the decision to halt progress before getting too far out to sea and finding the water machine breaking down.

Roz and her boat Sedna (the Inuit goddess of the ocean) were towed back to Australia a few days into the latest leg of her voyage, in which she has already crossed two oceans and during which she aims to spread a message of warning on marine pollution. The adventure started in 2005 with a solo row from the Canary Islands to Antigua, followed in 2008 by a crossing of the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Papua New Guinea via Hawaii. A successful crossing of the Indian Ocean will make Roz the first woman to row across three oceans.

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