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Emerald Knight launches exclusive eco resort investment  

Emerald Knight is offering investors the opportunity to purchase off-plan property with an attractive buy-back scheme from a prestigious eco resort project in Grenada. This is an exclusive investment offering 80 per cent returns after two years.

Located in southern Grenada, the carbon neutral development, the first of its kind on the island, has been established to create, integrate and manage all aspects of responsible sustainability against leading benchmark standards.

The environmental focus of the resort will target water recycling, energy efficiency through renewables, and bio diversity in the community. This is very much in line with the Grenada Government’s thinking and senior ministers are anxious to see such developments under construction as soon as possible. The eco resort has plans for a 56 bedroom hotel, an 85-berth marina, 55 apartments, a retail village, villa plots and marina residences.

Robert Hague, Emerald Knight Portfolio Manager, says: “There’s been a growing trend in this region towards eco-friendly and green hotel branding, and at the heart of this is a sustainability methodology which includes integrating environmental protection and new energy cost reduction programmes.

“Compared with Barbados and St Lucia, where development is reaching saturation point, Grenada has a shortage of quality vacation real estate, including marina villages, and prices have historically been lower than in other Caribbean islands, underlining the attraction for investors and holiday home owners alike.”

Emerald Knight says that the concept of sustainable tourism is far more than just a passing trend. Tourism has been identified in the National Strategic Development Plan as a key priority in the future growth and development of Grenada. The overall goal is an enhanced tourism sector optimising its contribution to the country’s socio-economic development and benchmarks against the best international standards.

Robert Hague adds: “The winning formula of protecting Grenada’s natural habitat whilst developing the island’s hospitality industry provides a fantastic opportunity for investors to benefit from this exclusive eco resort project. The quality of the site for the marina development is a very sheltered anchorage on an island with significant potential for marine tourism expansion.

“The security of the investment proposal is the land which has been valued at $8 million. There are 200 units available and each investor will get a 200th charge of the company that owns the plot. The project has undergone a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that investors’ capital is protected, and there are clearly defined exit strategies.”

The minimum investment for this project is £25,000.

Find out more about this exclusive eco-resort opportunity here

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