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Renewable Energy Investment

Renewable Energy Investment


It is with great pleasure that Emerald Knight are able to bring you our latest exclusive investment opportunity.


The project involves an exciting and rapidly growing sector – Renewable Energy. Renewable energy investment is one of the fastest-growing areas of the alternative investment market as corporate organisations and governments alike find themselves under pressure to underline their green credentials. Governments in particular are committed  to a reduced reliance on fossil fuels and need to find ways of producing energy that do not impact on the environment, which makes renewable energy investment increasingly important to them for the future.

As the market for renewable energy grows, so do the opportunities for investment across a wide range of technologies and projects throughout the world. Some of these renewable energy investment opportunities are onshore, some offshore, some are established technologies and others are in their infancy and still undergoing testing before leading to market.

We believe that this sector has the potential to produce a realistic alternative fuel source for the future, securing both the future of the environment and the reliance of governments on other states to fulfil their energy needs as many currently do. Energy security is one of the most important questions for future governments.

Key elements of our Renewable Energy project and motivators for heading into this sector include:

The main forms of renewable energy are biomass, wind, solar, biofuel and geothermal.
Only 16% of all global energy consumption comes from renewables (Renewable Energy Global Status Report, 2011).

Global legislation to reduce GHG emissions has resulted in 119 of all 196 worldwide countries introducing renewable energy polices with targets to achieve by 2020.

This will create huge market demand (Renewable Energy Global Status Report, 2011).

Our Renewable Energy project has the following key points:

• A projected 19% annual ROI over the term of the investment.
• Low level entry of £10,860
• Providing the most realistic Organic fuel feedstock on the planet
• Supplier warranty in place to ensure production returns are achieved
• The product is one of the fastest growing sources of sustainable renewable energy available•
• SIPP approved

Limited availability, ONLY offered to existing Emerald Knight clients, on a “first come, first serve” basis.