Guide to Socially
Responsible Investments

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Emerald Knight has a dedicated in-house team of specialists, covering every aspect of global environmentally responsible investments.

Our Market Analysts are constantly researching the world’s economies agricultural and sustainable forestry markets in search of optimum investment opportunities.

We ensure that thorough due diligence has been completed on all financial and legal aspects of any recommended investment, further complementing our reputation in providing solid investment strategies.

So whether you are embarking on your very first investment or wish to maximize your existing capital, follow the market leaders and be part of Emerald Knight’s very latest socially responsible investment opportunities.




Ukraine Agricultural Land Investment

  1. New OECD report shows agricultural commodities prices will stay high. Read more
  2. Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan to occupy 25% of grain market. Read more
  3. Ukraine takes lead by sunflower oil export. Read more;

Economy & FDI Ukraine

  1. IMF Approves US$16.4 Billion Stand-By Arrangement for Ukraine
  2. World Economic Forum and Foundation Announce Release of 2009 Competitiveness Report
  3. IMF Allocates Ukraine USD 1.6 Billion
  4. Russia welcomes Ukraine’s EU membership
  5. Closer ties between Ukraine and EU


Forestry and Timber Investment in Panama

  1. Paulownia (Wikipedia)
  2. Jeremy Grantham
  3. World Paulownia Institute

Commodity Markets

  1. Chicago Board of Trade
  2. Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs)
  3. Tradeable Markets – Commodities
  4. MGEX – Minneapolis Grain Exchange
  5. chicago mercantile exchange
  6. Bolsa de Cereales
  7. NSX National Stock Exchange of Australia
  8. B O L S A R

Socially Responsible Investing

  1. The Wages of Social Responsibility – Moskowitz Prize Competition
  2. Emerging Markets Investor Survey Report: An analysis of responsible investment in Emerging Markets (2009).


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