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Senigallia crowned Italy’s most energy efficient town  

The town of Senigallia in the Marche has been declared the most energy efficient in Italy at the Klimaenergy Fair in Bolzano.

The town’s administration has, in recent years, installed 4,000 square metres of solar panels on the roofs of houses, warehouses and public and private offices besides installing 983.77 kilowatts of photovoltaic panels in the town, including ground-mounted systems.

Receiving the prize, the Mayor of Senigallia said his town had demonstrated what a committed administration can do with regard to using renewable energy sources. He said that the town had applied the Itaca Protocol on “green building” and, with the water and gas supplier Multiservizi, will be installing small hydroelectric systems in suburban aqueducts. He added that his administration is determined to pursue green energy policies in the future.

The towns of Torre San Giorgio, Vipiteno and Bolzano also received awards for their energy policies at the ceremony, organised by Legambiente and Kilmaenergy.

Source: Italy Magazine

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Comments (2)

Abed on 3rd December 2010

That is very good, I would like to learn more about the system (or simiar systems) thy used in Senigallia, the manufacturers …etc


Sally k on 7th December 2010

I wish more of our towns took a serious look at the greener side – rather than build another block of flats build a park – and not always necessarily with swings and slides – instead plant indigenous flowers and encourage birds and insects. When building a house – build it with a solar panel surely cheaper to do it at source of the build rather than 2/3 years later.