Investment Highlights

  • Socially-responsible investments worldwide
  • Range of investment models available
  • Regular, prompt payment of returns
  • Low entry level investments
  • High-performing projects with positive social or environmental impact
  • Transparent investment strategies
  • Many projects SIPP-approved

Socially Responsible Investments

At Emerald Knight we only recommend projects with humanitarian, bio diversity and environmental benefits.Tackling issues such as climate change, poverty in the developing world and renewable energy,Emerald Knight demonstrate that helping the planet and making money can go hand in hand.Our objective is to create a diversified investment portfolio that generates strong returns on invested capital whilst delivering meaningful and measurable environmental benefits.

Helping Clients To Achieve Their Financial Goals

As a leader in sustainable and responsible investing (SRI), Emerald Knight recognises that investors want choice in how they meet their financial goals and their impact on corporate responsibility and sustainability practices.

What our clients say about us:

“Since the initial contact with Emerald Knight they have been polite, informative and not at all pushy. They have done what they said they were going to do in a timely fashion. The investment I was involved in produced a 30% return within three months instead of the twelve months estimated. Needless to say I am investing with them again.”
Stefan Trzebinski, Sutton, England

“What a wonderful service Emerald Knight provide. Good sound investment choices with no hint of the high pressure sales pitches that seem to be so common elsewhere. I always enjoy chatting to Martin as he keeps me up to date with the progress of my investments and informs me about new projects that interest me. I was delighted that Industry RE turned our carbon credits round for a 30% profit in four months. A stress free experience with outstanding results that definitely has my recommendation.”
Jeremy Cutting, England