Sustainable Investments

A sustainable investment (SI) aims to maximize profits while tackling economic, environmental and social challenges—for both current and future generations.

In a sustainable investment, companies are chosen based on the management of their environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks. For example, an environmental research firm may have a strong vision and long-term economic plan, but it must also hold ethical workplace and practice standards.

Research has shown a strong correlation between ESG performance and financial performance. A company with high ethical standards is more likely to see success and longevity, i.e. sustainability, than a company that does not make global and human concerns a priority.

From an economic perspective, profits from a sustainable investment such as forestry are accrued from long-term production and investment, not short term. From an ecological perspective, profit making is consistent with increased resource productivity, investments in renewable resources and the workability of local and global ecological systems. Profits are also as important as social and human capital, and promote employment, education and racial equality.

Over the last two decades, more and more companies have seen the value of sustainable investments. Despite the recent global recession, sustainable investments remained an economic trend that continued to climb, proving their stability. Today, such investments and opportunities cover all asset classes and regions of the world.

At Emerald Knight, we only choose projects and companies that meet the highest socio-environmental standards and projected gains. Browse our site to find a sustainable investment that meets your needs, including agriculture investment in Australia or timber investment in Costa Rica.

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