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At Emerald Knight, we’re proud of the investments we offer to our customers – not just because we believe the projects we work with are truly socially responsible, but also because we are able to deliver consistently on results. Combine the success of our investment offerings with staff who are highly knowledgeable and specifically trained to keep investors updated with information regarding clients’ holdings and we’re happy to shout from the rooftops about our achievements.

However, what is more satisfying for us is when our customers are talking about our company and investment projects. Below is a small selection of comments from our satisfied customers.

If you would like to see a full portfolio of customer feedback, please contact us for more.

“I have recently received a payment of proceeds from Emerald.  This was the first payment made on that particular investment.  I am thoroughly impressed with the high level of service I have been receiving from Emerald and James in particular as well as the timely payment of proceeds. The personal client contact is highly appreciated.”
Chrisna, London, UK

“At first I was sceptical about these new alternative investments and a voice on the other end of the phone. You hear all these stories of being tricked for your hard earned money by clever talkers over the telephone. However Emerald Knight are different, and after a few conversations with my Portfolio Manager he fairly quickly allayed the concerns I had and I became a customer, and more importantly they have delivered what they promised.
Emerald Knight are very professional, they keep contact, update you where possible, and have a variety of different interesting investments for these modern and ever changing times, and I hope to continue to be part of that process.”
Sue C, Berkshire, England

“My introduction to Emerald Knight was through National Geographic magazine.  My Portfolio Manager is James Howard, he has kept me fully informed throughout the period of each investment.
I have two investments which have made the returns promised and have since reinvested with Emerald Knight.
I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Emerald Knight to family and friends.”
William G, Dunbartonshire, UK

“Communications with Emerald Knight have always been of a very high standard and their recommendations to date have been very succesful. They always shown great professionalism and patience with my requests for information and my scepticism of the financial markets.”
David W, Oxford, England

“As an investor I was looking for investments that were social and ecological. Then I found EK and I have invested in many of their projects.
I received last week my first payment from Ecoplanet. It was an investment in a bamboo plantation which I bought a year ago.
My portfolio manager George keeps me informed about my investments and takes care of his clients as it should.”
Werner, Belgium

“I was extremely pleased with my investment via Emerald Knight. I found the entire cycle from investment to pay out swift and efficient and was constantly informed throughout the entire process. It did exactly what it said on the tin, and I am sure I will invest again with Emerald Knight.”
Damian M, Ireland

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