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Timber From Princess Project in Panama Creates Jobs, Yields 36% Returns on Investment

  • 21st May 2010
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Timber From Princess Project in Panama Creates Jobs, Yields 36% Returns on Investment

Chepo, Panama, March 3, 2010 – The Princess Project is proving that timber is both an extremely lucrative and socially responsible investment choice, having already outperformed original forecasts, and contributing to over a quarter of the country’s reforestation efforts.

Emerald Knight’s latest investment venture—The Princess Project, the growing and harvesting of Paulownia tree farms in Panama—offers investors a multitude of financial benefits, including expected conservative returns of 36 % and huge tax breaks through residency opportunities.

The Princess Project also strengthens the Chepo region’s infrastructure, creating jobs for nearly the entire community and leaving room for framers to grow crops between trees. Money generated from the project will also help repair 17 bridges and many local roads; drill three water wells; and set up a micro lab for Biomass, a future Paulownia growing project.

The Paulownia tree is a globally valued commodity. It is the fastest growing hardwood in the world, and therefore, produces more timber in shorter amounts of time than many other tree forests. Its wood is lightweight, fine-grained and warp resistant, making it both strong and extremely workable. Demand for Paulownia timber is high, and prices are also only expected to rise in the next three years.

Investment opportunities with the Princess Project begin at $32,500, over a 5- to 20-year term. Investors who reach a certain level can also become a resident of Panama and receive a range of tax benefits in the process.

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