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Investors once again receive returns on time  

Investors once again receive returns on time

Emerald Knight is currently in the process of paying investors in one of its flagship projects their contracted returns on time and in full. Clients who invested in the carbon offset project sold by Emerald Knight in October 2010 are currently in line to be paid out their investment plus their 30 per cent profit exactly 12 months after investing.

While it seems that a company fulfilling their obligations should not be a news story in itself, there are some important issues to highlight. Firstly, the fact that Emerald Knight is committed to making sure the projects on offer are the ‘best in class’ means that only the most robust offerings in the marketplace are accepted as Emerald Knight investments. This is a recognition of the fact that many investors in this type of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) have not been involved in this market before, and need reassurance not only of the potential of investments, but also the safety and security of investments in the marketplace.

Of equal importance is the fact that Emerald Knight, due to choosing the best investment product available, is able to offer and deliver an investment on time during such tough economic conditions. There are very few investments anywhere on the market that can offer a 30 per cent return within 12 months – fewer still that can do so repeatedly for clients.

Emerald Knight said: “We are extremely pleased to be paying out on this carbon offset investment once again. The project has proved to be an introduction to SRI for a large number of our clients, and at the same time as proving very profitable for them, has opened up the full SRI market to them. Many of our investors have gone on to reinvest successfully in SRI projects, both of the same type and in different spheres.”

“We are currently working on the last few opportunities in the latest tranche of this carbon offset investment, so anyone interested in a fixed 30 per cent return within 12 months can still get involved.”

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Comments (6)

Dave Miller on 18th October 2011

Please send more details of this investment

Alan Twine on 26th October 2011

I am one of the investors who invested last October – once again an excellently managed project by Emerald Knight. This will be my 3rd & 4th successful return of funds invested with excellent profits – Thanks

Will Banks on 17th November 2011

I’m pleased to state that I’m one such very happy investor. This is my second carbon offset project to return a 30% profit in the last 15 months with Emerald Knight and I’m extremely grateful to Mark Prowle for arranging this for me. Well done indeed for great performance achieved.

RobN on 21st November 2011


Please send more details of this investment?


Paul Yeoman on 1st December 2011

Please could you fwd details of this investment
with kind rgds

Ken Lantier on 20th March 2012

Please send me more details concerning this financial opportunity. I live in another country, can I participate in this investment. If so, what is the min/max dollar amount, and when will the opportunity be sold out. What is the security? Please forward additional documentation as I’m very interested.